• Hey all, I'm a bit confused to why Rioforce is listed an a wiki admin on this page: Brickfilms Wiki:Administrators, when he isn't one! If he was intended to be made one, a bureaucrat would have to do it (ie User:NathanWells).

    Also if any there's any wiki technical/dev stuff that anyone like feel free to let me know. I've got a bit more spare time for the few weeks or so. :)

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    • My fault, I believe. I wanted to make him an admin, but I guess I couldn't find how to do it, if only Nathan can add new ones.

      There is actually something I was hoping you could take a look at. In the Brickfilm infobox, I would like if the series name line didn't automatically link the name of the series. I figured out how to do this and the code seemed sound, but when I implemented it, it also added an extra blank line of space under the series name line, and I have no idea how, so I reverted it.

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