• Type: Becoming a wiki administrator.
    User Name: Captainjackster
    Reasons: I have been a faithful editor of this wiki for at least two years, I have never once been blocked, I regularly contribute, I have over 1,000 edits, and I have read the page about admins. I am also the only regular contributor on here besides Sillypenta.
    Respond: Respond with either AGREE or DISAGREE in capitals. Then on a new line write your reasons.

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      First and foremost, this wiki has no need for an additional administrator. Secondly, you've only really been a "regular contributor" for the past month or so, and in that time most of the pages you've created have demonstrated a poor understanding of what makes a brickfilm notable (A decent number of views on YouTube doesn't constitute notability by itself, and some of the stuff you've covered, like this, doesn't even have that). Additionally, you appear to be at least partially motivated by the wish to cover your own brickfilms on this wiki. It was the first thing you tried to do after joining and more recently, you requested permission to do so again, in the hope of gaining "exposure" from it, which is completely missing the point of this wiki.

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    • Well, I apologize for misunderstanding 'what makes a brickfilm notable'. Also, I've been regulary contributing for more than a month, and I only asked because the admin also has pages for his own films. I realie pages are usually only made for contest-winning films, but I asked because one of the reasons that the 'no pages for your own films' policy was put in place was that people ight leave once creating their own pages. I have not done that. Thanks for your opinion.

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