• The Brickfilmer's Guild would like to do a partners logo exchange with the Brickfilms Wiki. We would like the BFG logo displayed on the Brickfilms Wiki's main page in return for Brickfilms Wiki logo being displayed on the Brickfilmer's Guild main page.  

    I also think the BiM logo shoud be on the Brickfilms Wiki main page as a partner as well. 

    Thank you for you consideration.


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    • Yes, I would be happy to. Thank you for the offer.

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    • Cool.  I added the Brickfilms Wiki logo to the BFG homepage.  If you have a better logo, feel free to send it my way. The BFG site has a black background so the logo will need a background. Thanks!

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    • Ooops, I wasn't logged in when I posted that. :O

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