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Thomas Speckhofer is an Austrian brickfilmer.[1] His Ninjago film Worst Villain Competition was one of the prize winners in The Greatest Villain of All Time in Ninjago Rebrick Contest, and his fantasy film Fire and Water was nominated for Best Story and Screen Play and Best Animation in the 2017 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival.


Year Title Notes
2013/14? LEGO Ski Alpin Slalom
2013/14? LEGO Agents X [2]
2013/14? LEGO Batman
2015 Lego Star Wars Kurzfilm
2015 Ninjago
2015 LEGO Der Hobbit: Kampfszene
2015 Thomas gegen Ufos
2015 Spass Wars
2015 Die Schlacht von Dol Guldur
2015 Research Institute
2015 LEGO Harry Potter - Pannen beim Dreh
2015 LEGO Harry Potter - Wie es geendet haben sollte
2015 LEGO Harry Potter - Wie es geendet haben sollte 2
2015 LEGO Harry Potter Finale
2015 LEGO Star Wars Spaceship Battle
2015 LEGO Hobbit Kampfschwein und Bogen-schütze
2015 LEGO Agents Muttertag
2015 Flugzeug
2015 Sometimes even Aragorn needs help
2015 Mega Bloks Minions Star Wars Film
2015 LEGO Jurassic World: A day in the life of Indominus Rex
2015 Star Wars: The hunt for Darth Maul - Trailer 1
2015 LEGO Ninjago: Halloween Special
2016 A completely normal day Festival of Nations 2016 short film festival entry
2016 World Race LEGO Stop-Motion Dream Race Rebrick Contest entry
2016 LEGO Jack Sparrow vs Barbossa - Telescopes
2016 Worst Villain Competition One of five The Greatest Villain of All Time in Ninjago Rebrick Contest runner-up winners
2016 LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - First-Person Stop Motion Inspired by LEGO: The Hobbit by Forrest Whaley
2017 A "Sweet" Surprise LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films Rebrick Contest entry
2017 LEGO Stop Motion: Creator 3 in 1 - Lakeside Boat Build and Rebuild Rebrick Contest entry
2017 Fire and Water
2018 Chasing the Mask of ... Sushi? Continue the Chase Rebrick Contest entry
2018 Jack Sparrow vs. Iron Man
2019 The Robbery
2020 Super Hero Story Created for DENEFF Energy Efficiency Hack 2020