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Thomas Hubbel is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for making brickfilms based on Star Wars and on various superheroes.


Year Title Notes
2010 Break In
2010 Batman: The Lazy Commissioner
2010 LEGO Agents: The First Duel
2010 Batman and Robin: The Villains
2010 Star Wars: It's All In The Name
2010 Star Wars: Obi-Wan vs. Anakin
2010 Star Wars: The AT-AT Pilot
2010 LEGO Agents 2: Human vs. Robot
2010 Star Wars: Darth Vader's Transformation
2010 Star Wars: Stormtroopers' Break
2010 Star Wars: Snowball Fight
2010 Interactive Interrogation Take His Hand
Interrogate Further
2010 Star Wars: Yoda vs. Dooku
2010 Indiana Jones and the GPS
2010 LEGO Firesafety Video
2010 Battle For Geonosis
2011 Star Wars: Jedi Scum
2011 The LEGO Star Wars Special
2011 The Assassin
2011 A Dark Night One of two[2] LEGO Super Heroes Challenge August first place winners
2011 Superman: Blackmailed X
2011 Black Ops - NOOB!
2011 Star Wars: Training a Clone
2011 ARF Trooper
2011 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Official Trailer
2011 LEGO MW3
2011 LEGO Inception
2011 LEGO Freddiew!
2011 Superman's Weakness
2012 The LEGO Dark Knight Rises
2012 The LEGO Star Wars Special II
2012 Defeating Defeat
2012 Marvel vs. DC
2012 That's No Moon
2012 LEGO Iron Man 3
2012 Hulk's Therapy Session
2012 You Shall Not Pass
2013 The Walking Dead - IN LEGO!
2013 Riddles for the Ring
2013 Chop Squad / Part 2
2013 Vader's New Suit
2013 Man O' Steel
2013 Star Wars: Battlefront Reveal Trailer - in LEGO!
2014 blank Inspired by the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11