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Thomas Foote is an American brickfilmer. He is known for Also thwacked Zarathustra, The Big Match, & Jake Technic vs. Dr. Cyber.[1] He was one of the earliest brickfilmers active online, sharing his early LEGO animations in January 2000, and his brickfilming panel at BrickFest 2000 inspired Jason Rowoldt to start brickfilming and subsequently launch[2]

In 2001, Thomas Foote launched the first website known as Bricks in Motion as his personal site, which remained online until 2005. He would later allow the name of his site to be used to rename the website that launched in 2008 when community members at the time were migrating away from Thomas Foote continued to pay to keep the Bricks in Motion domain online until 2014.


Year Title Notes
2000 LEGO War
2000 Jet Car
2000 Saucer[3]
2000 - 2001 Jake Technic vs. Dr. Cyber
2001 The Big Match
2001 Also thwacked Zarathustra
2002 The Military Lovers
2002 The Ballad of Fred Horror Animation Contest entry
2003 The Sol Chronicles Episode 1 Opening Directed by Jason Rowoldt[]

From 2001 to 2005, was Thomas Foote's personal website. In addition to hosting his brickfilms, it also hosted software developed by Foote designed to aid brickfilmers. In 2008, Jonathan Schlaepfer approached Thomas Foote asking to take over the domain for a new brickfilming website that he had started under the temporary name Thomas Foote agreed, and a few months later Bricks in Motion was officially launched.[4]