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Them Twickenham Knights: Professionals at Work is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Sven van der Hart. It is about drawbridge-operating knights who encounter a problem.[1] It was created to test adding digital face animation to minifigures, though the face animation in the intro was achieved by swapping different heads in camera.[2] It is the only completed installment of what was intended to be a series. An unfinished episode, Them Twickenham Knights: Margarita, was later released.


Knights stand on a tower above a drawbridge. They begin to hear the fanfare that indicates the king is coming. One knight begins to lower the drawbridge, but a massive crash is heard. The king arrives to see that the entrance has not been built high enough for the drawbridge to line up with the bridge.

A knight is held captive in a pillory, and complains that he just followed the building instructions that came with the box.[1]