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The Wild Crunch 2 Part 1: Journey into the dark is a 2014 thriller brickfilm by Jack Gerald Baeumler. It follows the SWAT traveling on a flight carrying top secret cargo, when the plane undergoes engine failure and must attempt an emergency landing.[1] It is the sequel to The Wild Crunch from 2012.[2] It was the last brickfilm released by Baeumler until 2023, and in 2023 he indicated that he still plans to make The Wild Crunch 2 Part 2.[3]



  • Jack Gerald Baeumler - Creator, Writer, Director
  • Daniel Shepherd - Script supervisor
  • "Brick Dictator", Matt "Enterprisingengine93" Michaud, "MrLegoCorporation", Tim Chaten, "Sunspace Studio Productions", Nick "Official B17 R473" Hazelton, "Zenzi Picture Productions", "TRICOBO", "xcaliber05" - Voices
  • Matt Michaud, J. Grant, R. O'Donnell, P. Charriere, L. Touron, D. Miller - Thanks