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The Wheelersville Moo Cow Mystery, subtitled How Robbie and His Friends Save the Day in Wheelersville, is a brickfilm produced by Wreckless Abandon Studios for LEGO Systems, Inc., written and directed by Michael Bannon and released on VHS in 2000 or 2001. It is a DUPLO brickfilm based on the subtheme Action Wheelers. It is set in a town in which everything is on wheels and it follows Robbie Baker, as he and his friends investigate the disappearance of Farmer Fred's cows one day before the Wheelersville Road Race Festival, without which there will be no milk for the festival.[1]

Wreckless Abandon Studios also produced the brickfilms just imagine... and The Big NaNa Bird for The LEGO Group.[2]



Directed by:

  • Michael Bannon

Written by:

  • Michael Bannon;
    Based on "The Moo Cow Caper" by G. Brioso

Produced by:

  • David Buxbaum
  • Jay Bruns
  • Mark A. Bannon

Executive Producer:

Director of Photography:

  • John Loos


  • Michael Richard Plowman

Music by:

  • Briar Patch Music, Inc.

Key Animators:

  • Geoff Buck
  • John Harvatine IV
  • Mitch Mitchell
  • Stacy Karagiannis
  • Brian Kokoszka
  • Kevin Fish

Storyboard Artist & Conceptual Artist:


  • Dan Pejril
  • Paul Engin

Voice of Robbie:

  • Nicky Lapointe

Voice of Becky:

  • Pat Lore

Voice of Mr. Baker:

  • Rick Adamson

Voice of Farmer Fred:

  • Lee Gordon

Set Construction & Props:

  • Steve Bush
  • Nicky Lapointe
  • Michael Stricklett

Production Manager:

  • Caryn B. Davis


Director of Computer Generated Imagery:

  • Daniel Pejril

Computer Effects Supervisor:

  • Paul Engin

Computer Effects & Compositing:

  • Geoff Buck
  • Chris Connelly
  • Aaron Czarnecki
  • Andrew Durgin
  • Brian Kokoszka
  • Michael Stricklett
  • Marc Dole
  • Mike Lockhard Senior
  • Mike Lockhardt Jr.
  • Richard Spates

Film Processing & Transfer:

  • Continental Film
    Miami, Florida
  • Shot on Kodak Motion Picture Film
  • A Wreckless Abandon Studios
    Production in
    Association with
    LEGO Systems, Inc.
  • © 2000 LEGO Americas