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The Western Rip Off is a 1996 western brickfilm produced for The LEGO Group.[1] It was created to tie in with the LEGO Western theme introduced in 1996, and it is about a cowboy who is held up by robbers while traveling through the desert.[2] It was available to download from as a 1MB screensaver,[3] making it one of the earliest brickfilms distributed online.[4] It is unknown who specifically created the film, as it does not include credits.



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A cowboy is traveling through a desert valley on a coach pulled by two horses, when a pair of highway robbers emerge from the shrubbery and hold him up, demanding his gold. The cowboy gives them a safe, and one robber fires a shot which makes the cowboy's horses run away. The other robber fires at them, but manages to hit one of his own horses.

The robbers leave, with one on the remaining horse and the other on foot hauling the safe. The robber on foot walks into quicksand and he sinks, along with the safe. Back at the coach, the cowboy is happy to have fooled the robbers by actually keeping his gold in an innocuous barrel. However, he is now stranded in the desert without horses or water.

The film promises a continuation which presumably was never made.[2]