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The Website is a 2014 comedy brickfilm by Galen Johnson. It is about a man who is excited after creating a new website for himself, but it doesn't impress his friend.[1] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014, in which it won third place.[2]


A man finds his friend Kevin on the computer and asks what he is doing. Kevin explains that he is developing a new website all about himself, and that is connected to his Twitter feed. He shows his friend the photos of himself that will be available on the website, but the friend isn't impressed as he has already seen the same photos on Kevin's Facebook profile.

Kevin shows off the other mundane information that will be on the website, and expresses his satisfaction with having spent so long developing it. His friend leaves the house, saying he is developing superpowers, and begins to fly all around in the air. Kevin is angered that his friend has made such a better development, and hurls the computer chair at the screen.[1]