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The Void War: Grey Horizons is a 2023 sci-fi horror brickfilm by Kristian Stenslie. It is set in the year 3044, amidst a war between humanity and a plague of alien parasites known as slag, and follows three characters in their attempt to save humanity.[1] It is a feature length brickfilm, and it is the successor to Stenslie's series The LEGO Zombie Apocalypse, taking place in the same universe. It was in production for two and a half years,[2] and it was supported by $3,101 crowdfunded on Indiegogo.[3] It was screened at the Fargo Theatre in North Dakota on June 10, 2023.[4] Stenslie plans to follow the film with two feature length sequels.[5]



  • Zack Watson as Private Huxley
  • Derek Pich as Combat medic
  • Maximilian Osterholz as Piercer operator, Apparition father
  • Amanda Pitzer as Lieutenant Talon
  • Derek Pich as Doctor, Hal Vanderwal
  • Kristian Stenslie as Medbot, Mpervious AI, Kip
  • Adam Michal as Heavy guard, Piercer mechanic
  • Nick Bauer as Officer Daan
  • Nick Privratsky as Commander Harper
  • Su Ling Chan as Master Aakil
  • Jadelynn Dahl as Iris
  • Matthew Poppe as Slade, Slagologist 1, Slagologist 2
  • Margaret Brink as Doctor Zahra
  • Forrest Whaley as Officer Tamaly
  • Chris Salaises as Gideon, Comms officer 2
  • Sun Man as Captain
  • Faith Jackson as Alice
  • Kylie Sollie as Female officer
  • Maxime Marion as Lieutenant Klik
  • Jay Silver as Lieutenant Troke
  • Frank Spiece as Infected crew man
  • Susanne Blodt as Apparition Asta
  • Zach Macias as Port officer 1
  • Nathan Wells as Port officer 2


  • Kristian Stenslie - Creator, Writer, Director, Animator, Editor
  • Matthew Poppe - Assistant writer
  • Adam Michal - Assistant writer, First assistant director
  • Sunny Johnson - Assistant writer, Producer
  • Chris Schrenk - Assistant writer, Second assistant director
  • Evan Strand - Producer
  • Isaac Trottier - Associate producer
  • Jackson Holt - Associate producer
  • Johan Stenslie - Music composer
  • "SergJack" - Impervious ship design
  • "mancntro2012" - Medical transport design
  • Peder and Tone-Lise Stenslie, Karen Larivee, Liam Ridlon, Leah Williams, Keri Hess, Danny Devlin, Daniel Bielinski, Sound Engagement, KW Inspire Realty, Renegade Photography, Muhammad Insan Kamil, Minilife TV, Mihat Ch, The Action Brick - Special thanks
  • "Nai Does Things", Robert Cox, "Stormy_Boi", Sam Trottier, Jackson Holt, Bethany Kilalea, Max Rutledge, Amber Huse, Tanner Hostetter, Jess & Jenna Duttenhefner, Isaac Trottier, Chris Cox, Sunny Johnson, Robert Boxley, Robyn Duttenhefner, Bailey Tillman, Jace Marion, Veronica Bohrer, Lisa Stenslie, Amanda Pitzer, Stephen Hooker, Nick Bauer, Ben Paul, Jacob Shepard, Cole Pich, Tommy Krob, Tori Austin, Wayne Clark - Backers