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The Visitor is a 2022 comedy brickfilm by Daragh Twomey and Steve Collins. It is a dynamic duo brickfilm that follows a man who is greatly disturbed by the presence of a mysterious person outside, while his friend doesn't think there is anything to worry about.[1] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2022, and won second place.[2] It represented a return to brickfilming for both creators, and it was Twomey's first THAC entry since All Work And No Play... for THAC 8 in 2010, and Collins' first THAC entry since Carls Little Catastraphy for THAC 3 in 2007 (Steve Collins was also involved with hosting THAC 6 in 2009).



  • Daragh Twomey - Writer, Animator of outdoor and bedroom scenes, Voice actor
  • Steve Collins - Writer, Animator of living room scenes, Voice actor