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The Village is a 2010 fantasy brickfilm by Piet Wenzel.[1][2] It follows a mysterious stranger arriving at a medieval village.[3] It was entered into Steinerei 2011 (and it was also on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards).[4]


An old man journeys through the woods where he arrives at the village. After being granted entry he is bumped by a stranger and laughed at by a villager. Exploring the town, the old man notices a blacksmith crafting many armaments, an executioner standing proudly next to his gallows, and a church in which they praise a warrior knight. The old man makes his way to the stables and lays down and has a nap. In the morning, the towns folk have all died, their skeletal remains littering the village. Death walks through the corpses and looks over his work. Dissolving his scythe, he turns back into his human disguise.

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