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The Unholy Trio series is a series of brickfilms created by Ryan Boyle and starring Colin Boyle, Jason Boyle and Ryan Boyle. The series follows the misadventures of the vampire Count Wiesel, the werewolf Ned and the mummy Mucho-Hotep O'Fiddlesworth the 27th, who share a castle.

The first film to star the Unholy Trio, Attack of the Fifty-foot Squirrel, was completed in 2005[1] but was deemed to be of low quality[2] and was not made available for public viewing until 2007. The first Unholy Trio film released to the public was Video Rental, towards the end of 2006.


Attack of the Fifty-foot Squirrel (2005)[]

At the Christmas season, the Unholy Trio go out to buy themselves a Christmas tree, which contains a stowaway inhabitant.

Video Rental (2006)[]

The trio find themselves bored and Count Wiesel goes out to rent a movie.

Tales of Christmas Past (2007)[]

Christmas approaches and Ned expresses his disdain for the holiday. The trio share stories of previous Christmases.

Trick or Treat (2007)[]

On Halloween, trick-or-treaters arrive at the trio's castle and are scared by Count Wiesel.

James Lord Pierpont Must Die! (2007)[]

Ned is outraged by the song Jingle Bells playing on the radio and embarks on a journey back in time to kill the song's writer, James Lord Pierpont, before he can compose it.

It Comes From Hell (2008)[]

Ned and Mucho-Hotep play the video game Guitar Hero when a new challenger appears.

Revenge of the Vampire (2010)[]

On a street, a woman notices that Count Wiesel is a vampire and asks his opinion on the book Twilight. After establishing that they both hate it, they decide to go kill the author, Stephanie Meyer.

Other films featuring Unholy Trio characters[]

While a number of other brickfilms have featured members of the Unholy Trio, they are not considered a part of the Unholy Trio series, either because they are cameos, such as Spirit Stompers: The Reunion Brawl, or the characters are pulled out of their normal environment, such as Winter Skiing.

Winter Skiing (2007)[]

Also titled Nedski Skis Down the Hillski. Ned skis down a mountain.

Spirit Stompers: The Reunion Brawl (2008)[]

In this brickfilm by Jason Boyle, in an after-credits gag, the Unholy Trio receive a threatening phone call from a villain.

Ninja-Clause (2008)[]

In a film focusing on Ninja Clause from Attack of the Fifty-foot Squirrel, Ned explains to a kid that monsters and ninjas are visited by Ninja Clause on Christmas and gives the kid a mask and katana so that Ninja Clause may visit him, too.


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