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The Tracker Tracked is a 2021 drama brickfilm by William Osborne. It follows a hunter living remotely, whose past as a contract killer comes back to haunt him.[1] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2021, in which it won first place.[2]


A hunter lives in a secluded lodge in the woods. We see a bear trap has been planted in the forest, before seeing him leave his cabin carrying a shotgun. He hides behind a tree, aiming his gun at a deer in the distance.

We cut to a flashback of the hunter. He is now on top of a rooftop in a city and is dressed in all black, looking considerably younger than before. He is aiming a rifle at a man across the street, about to take him down, before we cut back to the forest. Birds fly away in the distance, reacting to the sound of a loud gunshot.

The hunter meets the shopkeeper of a gun store, as he hangs the head of the deer on his wall and pays him. As the hunter leaves the store, he is startled by the sight of 2 ominous figures across the street, dressed in black. The hunter pauses, before hurriedly fleeing the scene.

That night, the hunter rests in his cabin, drinking whisky. He looks towards a stuffed wolf in the corner of the room. He raises his glass to the wolf, in celebration of his recent sale. Suddenly, a distant sound of a vehicle can be heard. The hunter peers behind a window, before ducking down to the ground, as the vehicle drives past. The hunter loads his shotgun upon hearing a knock on the door. It's the mysterious figures from earlier.

The hunter jumps out a side window, peers behind the wall, and quickly tries to make a run for it. The duo notice him and start to chase the hunter into the woods. Afraid for his life, the hunter runs as fast as he can, getting caught in one of the bear traps that he planted earlier. Now trapped, he looks ahead of him and sees a wolf, standing on top of a rock, preparing to pounce. We cut to a final shot of the forest, hearing the distant sound of the hunter screaming, as he is attacked by the wolf.


  • Zach Macias as Hunter
  • "Brick Block Animations" as Shopkeeper