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The Time Ship (German: Das Zeitschiff) is a 2022 sci-fi adventure brickfilm by Seza Tiara Selen. It follows a ship captain and her wife Ladelie as they travel through time collecting artifacts from places about to be destroyed, rescue a child from a doomed island, and are pursued through time by adversaries in propeller planes.[1] It was created for Steinerei 2022, in which it won the Audience Prize and the prize for Best Cinematography.[2]



  • Mai von Bremen as Captain
  • Noa Horstmann as Ladelie
  • Johanna Kulms as the child


Year Competition Category Result
2022 Steinerei Audience Prize Won
Best Dramaturgy/Screenplay Nominated
Best Cinematography Won
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Film Nominated
Best Story and Screenplay Nominated
Best Cinematography Won
Best Scenic Design Nominated
BFG Member's Choice Nominated
Best Steinerei Nominated
Brickstars n/a Tenth place