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The Thing is a 2001 horror brickfilm by Andy Thornbery. It is based on the 1982 film The Thing and follows a group of scientists in Antarctica who are terrorised by a life form that takes the appearance of its victims.[1] It was filmed and released in two parts.[2] In a poll held by in April 2001, it was voted as viewers' favourite film in the directory.[3][4]


At a research station in Antarctica, the helicopter pilot MacReady lands and shows the medic, Doc, that he has found a tape. A researcher, Max, arrives towing a mysterious object in a block of ice, which is brought inside. Max watches the object while MacReady calls the rest of the crew to check out the tape, which shows scientists preparing to excavate what looks like a spaceship from under the ice. Meanwhile, Max is feeling cold so turns up the heat, and the ice begins to melt. That night, MacReady goes to check on Max and the thing, and finds the ice melted and Max outside. Max goes to attack and MacReady shoots him, realising that the thing was controlling his body and could do the same to the others.

MacReady calls an emergency meeting, and explains that he saw the thing changing into Max and that it may now have changed into one of the other crew members. He makes everyone touch a flare to see if they are hurt by it, and when Doc is not, he is revealed as the thing and is shot. The thing extends long arms to attack, and the crew escape outside to look for help. They find that their equipment has been destroyed, and realise they have no other option than to defeat the thing. MacReady begins rigging the building to explode while one crew member, Bob, guards the door and another checks down the hallway. MacReady notices that both crew members have disappeared and he is soon attacked by the thing, so he runs outside as the building explodes. Bob finds him after having gone to chase what he thought was Doc, and the two survivors wait for rescue.[1]