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The Taste of Victory is a 2012 war brickfilm by Gregory Moore and Garry Moore. It follows a group of soldiers on a mission to intercept a briefcase.[1] It is known for its extensive use of brick-built effects. It was originally intended to be an entry to the 2010 Avant-Garde Contest on Bricks in Motion and all of the footage was shot before the deadline of that contest, but editing and sound design were not completed on time, which led to the project being abandoned. Later, upon realizing that they liked the footage shot for it, Gregory and Garry Moore decided to finish the film and released it in 2012.[2][3] The film was screened at Cine Brick 2014.[4]



  • August Hess as Brown
  • Garry Moore as Miller, Additional voices
  • Kevin Pack as Evans
  • Joshua Snow as Powell
  • Gregory Moore as Major, Additional voices
  • Nicholus Lariza as Pilot


  • Gregory Moore - Director, Credits song
  • Garry Moore - Director, Lead animator
  • Riley Santiago - Special thanks

Behind the scenes gallery[]

Behind the scenes images are available in this gallery on Flickr.