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The Supervisor is a 2013 mystery brickfilm by Silent Frames. It follows the story of a man who works at a factory monitoring robots.[1] It won first place in THAC 11.[2]


In a factory where robots make little red studs, a man watches the robots to make sure that nothing goes awry. But sure enough, a robot, the one that paints the piece, burns out, the alarm blares, and the man has to replace him. The new robot is put to work. This robot starts painting, but it also turns the piece into a different shape, a flower. The next robot working down the assembly line does not know how to process this new shape, and the alarm starts again. The man replaces the new robot.

The robot that took its place is put to work. Again, it changes the shape of the piece, this time to a cherry. Again, the robot down the conveyor belt cannot process the strange piece. Annoyed, the man uses the tool in his hand to hit the robot, but suddenly, a bigger robot, much scarier, walks up. He stuns the man and throws him into the biological waste, then replacing him just like the man had to replace the robots.


  • Alexander H.
  • Christian H.
  • Laura H.
  • Karl H.
  • Markus S.

Behind the scenes[]

Behind the scenes information and images are available here.