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The captain reprimands his crew
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Directed by
Karsten Köhler
Science fiction
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The Star Destroyer Potemkin, also known as Sternzerstörer Potemkin in German[1] or The Star Destroyer Potjomkin in its title card,[2] is a 2005 science fiction brickfilm by Karsten "Iron Brick" Köhler.[3] It is based on the 1925 Soviet silent film Battleship Potemkin, and changes the setting to the Star Wars universe.



Crew Edit

  • Karsten Köhler - Director, Animator
  • Christoph Brock - Technical help
  • Rainer Mehnert - Backdrops
  • Oliver - Additional LEGO
  • Stefan + Kerrin - Pyrotechnical help
  • Babruisk Halva, Oda - Special thanks

Award Nominations Edit

The Star Destroyer Potemkin was nominated for one award in the 2005 BAMPAs.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Debut Film Nominated

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