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The Squire and the Scroll is an unfinished brickfilm project by BuilderBrothers Studios. It was planned to be a 30-minute fantasy film based on the book The Squire and the Scroll: A Tale of the Rewards of a Pure Heart by Jennie Bishop, and it was in production throughout the first half of the 2010s. It garnered hype across multiple years via a long-running production thread on Bricks in Motion and a trailer posted in 2012, showcasing the ambition and scale of the project.


The Squire and the Scroll entered production in either 2009 or 2010. In August 2011, a production thread was posted on the Bricks in Motion forums, which detailed the project as well as BuilderBrothers' ambition to make it their best work in every aspect. They estimated that the length of the film would be 30 minutes. Other forum members were immediately excited by the prospect of a brickfilm fantasy epic at this scale. BuilderBrothers began posting regular updates with images showcasing the set design, cinematography, and digital effects for the project, and each new update would be met with more excited responses.[1]

In March 2012, BuilderBrothers released a 2-minute trailer for The Squire and the Scroll. The hype had built to the point that there was the occasional prediction that the film had the potential to be one of the best brickfilms ever made.[2] BuilderBrothers took a break from the project when their pitch for the Tongal LEGO City Stop Motion Project was accepted, requiring them to spend some time creating the film A True Hero for The LEGO Group. Following this, the only other brickfilms they would release were entries to the annual Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.

Progress and updates resumed in the second half of 2012, and the hope was to release the film in August 2013. School and jobs caused the updates to become less frequent and the projected release date to be pushed back, but in December 2013, BuilderBrothers announced that they had finished the animation portion of the film, and would move on to VFX, editing, sound design, and music. They shared a VFX teaser video to demonstrate some of the work that had been done. They now hoped to release the film in August 2014, but were set back by a major earthquake in California that damaged their house as well as the house of their composer. They now planned to split the film into 3 roughly 10-minute parts and release the first part in 2014.

Only two updates were posted throughout 2015. In October, BuilderBrothers stated that the first part "pretty much only requires the music and a few final special effects and then it will be good" and that the second part was at a similar stage, but that the third part still required extensive post-production work. This was the last update that was posted about the film.


  • John Eggers - Director
  • Daniel Eggers - Producer
  • Jeremy Diestel - Music
  • David Thoits - Executive producer
  • Darlene MacMahon - Executive producer
  • Rod Thoits - Executive producer

Awards for the 2012 trailer[]

Year Competition Category Result
2012 Unknown film festival[3] First night - Teen competition First place
Second night - Teen competition Grand Prize Won
Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Trailer Brickfilm Won