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The Sol Chronicles Episode 1 Opening is a 2003 science fiction brickfilm by Jason Rowoldt. It is the only result of a project began by Rowoldt called Vox Populi, which was intended to be a new way of creating brickfilms in which the audience would vote on the direction of the story after each episode of a series. It is the last brickfilm released by Rowoldt, and also the last release to include footage by Thomas Foote. It is one of if not the first brickfilm scored by Loïc Desjardins.[1]

Vox Populi[]


The posters for the two potential concepts

On November 5, 2002, Jason Rowoldt announced a new feature of and new web series, Vox Populi.[2] This was Rowoldt's next project to involve the community in collaborative brickfilms, after The Director's Project. The concept of Vox Populi was that a series of films would be created, and after each installment the viewers would decide on the direction the plot should take. There were also plans for collaborations such as guest directors, voice actors, and cameo appearances by other brickfilmers' characters.[3]

The project was announced with two potential plot pitches: The Sol Chronicles, a futuristic science fiction series, and Champion League, about a group of superheroes fighting crime and battling evil villains.

"In the year 2085, humanity had spread itself over the solar system, through the void, and into the realm of other civilizations. It was a time of great courage, great expansion, and great trial for the people of Earth. We were united by this golden age of opportunity and wonder . . . but there was also enormous uncertainly about the role humanity would play in the universal drama that woudl unfodl in the coming years. These are . . . The Sol Chronicles. Join a colorful cast of all - original aliens such as the one-eyed Kuota whose poplulation grows faster than it can maintain itself, the robotic Menkar whose entire society is made up of dueling corporations, and the cystraline aliens from Cygnus whose ships have to be seen to be believed. Space station dance clubs, ground assaults on desert planets, mysterious encounters with enormous warships . . . all await you in the world of The Sol Chronicles."
- The Sol Chronicles pitch

"In a city rife with victims, few would stand up to the onslaught of crimnal minds. But a few uncanny warriors with amazing abilities have risen from the city streets and are taking justice to the bad guys. Join old-fashioned comic book fights and whacky, cackling super-villains as the heroes try to stop them. Witness the amazing strength of Captain Lionheart! Wonder at the amazing agility of The Arachniss! Chill out to the cool powers of Blizzard! Fear the dark sorcery of the diabolical Pharoh! Watch buildings be crushed by the gargantuan creations of the evil genius, Dr. Mechano! Run from the deadly blades of Der Meisterkoff! Catch the amazing genesis stories and roots for the good guys as lamposts are swung, cars are wrecked, the police prove powerless, and the city faces a new danger every episode!"
- Champion League pitch

The cityscape test clip

The initial announcement invited the community to vote on which concept should enter production as a series. However, the poll ended up at a tie, and so Rowoldt chose his preferred concept, The Sol Chronicles.[4] He announced on December 5 that The Sol Chronicles was entering production, and shared a test of a cityscape to give a preview of what the series would look like. Work began on Episode 1, which also included contributions from other brickfilmers. However, production of the series began during the time when the redesign of was already being worked on. There was no further update on the series before Rowoldt sold to Joshua Leasure in June 2003, citing lack of time and motivation.

On July 19, 2003, Rowoldt released the opening scene of the first episode of The Sol Chronicles, including contributions from Loïc Desjardins and Thomas Foote. This was an unfinished piece, as it was supposed to be preceded by a nightmare sequence of a space battle. Rowoldt correctly predicted that there may not be any more of the series created.