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The Silent Voice is a 2004 drama brickfilm by Henry Shew and Mark Shew.[1] It is a tragedy about a mute teenager, Daniel, and his best friend, Jessica.[2] It is based on a true story,[3] and it was made in 15 days.[4] A version of the film dubbed into Cantonese was created after Joshua Leasure was contacted in 2004 by a representative of the ifva Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards who was looking to showcase some brickfilms at the festival in 2005.[5]


Daniel is a 16-year-old who has never spoken, for a reason indiscernible by doctors. His best friend is Jessica, who he does everything with and who acts as his voice, being able to understand how he feels. One day, Daniel receives a phone call from Jessica's mother saying that Jessica isn't feeling well and asking him to come over. When he gets there, Daniel finds Jessica being taken away on a stretcher. He thinks about their times together and how she protected him from bullies. Jessica's mother informs Daniel that Jessica has a blood disease and was predicted to not live past 12.

Daniel sits by Jessica's side in the hospital, and she hopes that she can hear his voice before she dies. Her heart monitor begins to beep faster and faster, and in panic Daniel finally begins to talk to her when she dies.[2]


English cast[]

  • Mark Shew as Daniel
  • Helen Qiu as Jessica
  • Stephanie Ho as Jessica's mom
  • Hoklam (Corina) Li as Daniel's mom
  • Greg Dungca as Doctor, Bully 2, Teacher, Bartender
  • Sandy Ho as Nurse
  • Sydney Jung as Bully 1, EMS guy

Chinese cast[]

  • Mark Shew as Daniel
  • Roxanne Tsui as Jessica
  • Dannie Shew as Jessica's mom, Daniel's mom
  • Ken Lam as Doctor, Bully, EMS guy
  • Emily Yu as Nurse