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The Set Bump was a blog that focused on brickfilming news, brickfilm reviews, and encouraging discussions about brickfilms.

History Edit

The site was launched as Brick Animation[1] (and continued to reside at that URL for several years) on August 1, 2012 by founders David Pagano and David Pickett.[2] They soon became dissatisfied with this name and launched a contest where readers could submit suggestions for a new name for the site.[3] The site was eventually renamed to The Set Bump on June 17, 2013. This name was not actually a suggestion from the naming contest.[4]

Other contributors to The Set Bump have included "Repelling Spider", Marc-André Caron and Kim Smith.[5] David Pickett remained The Set Bump's most active contributor, and The Set Bump averaged one new post a month.

In April 2018, it was annouced that The Set Bump would be closing. It was set to go offline on May 16, 2018,[6] but the site currently remains up.[7]

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