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The Sentinel is a 2019 science fiction drama brickfilm by Zach Macias and Nathan Wells. It follows the story of a spaceship captain contemplating a disaster he oversaw. It won first place in the sixteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.[1]


A scavenger ship approaches the Sentinel, a ship that recently launched a memorial satellite to commemorate a recent war. As the scavengers navigate the broken ship and its dead crew, the captain of the Sentinel recounts the events leading up to the disaster in a recording found by the scavengers. The scavengers eventually reveal the cause of the Sentinel's demise: the war memorial that was originally launched, which had been slingshotted around the nearby planet and back into the hull. The captain's voiceover ends in a final lament.[2]


  • Zach Macias - Writer, Animator, Director, Editor, Sound designer, Digital effects, Music
  • Nathan Wells - Writer, Animator, Director, Editor, Set designer, Digital effects