The Season of Giving
"Seasons greetings and good tidings, all you people!"
"Seasons greetings and good tidings, all you people!"
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Released December 30, 2007
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The Season of Giving is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It is a follow-up to Merry Happy Whatever from 2005, and it is a parody of feel-good holiday specials.[1] It was an entry to the fourth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and ultimately placed second.[2]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The host greets the viewers and declares the holiday season to be The Season of Giving. He calls on the viewers to reflect back on selfless acts on giving: A father gives his son a broken-down station wagon; a hyperactive child screams "Gimme gimme gimme" as his parent buys presents; the Terminator approaches some bystanders and demands their clothes; Ben and Andy fight over a Wii; a robber robs a woman.

The host, flustered, scrambles to regain his composure and wishes everyone "A merry happy whatever." Someone offscreen mutters "I don't."[1]

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