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The Rescue is a 2001 parody brickfilm by Jason Allemann and Deane VanLuven. It follows the story of Solo Brick Jones as he attempts to steal the treasured head of C-3LegO. It is a humorous retelling of the iconic opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark and uses the actual audio from the film.[1] The Rescue won the Conference Attendee Winner award at BricksWest 2002's Animation Competition.[2]


Solo Brick Jones and Sidekick Guy enter an ancient temple. In the main chamber rests the golden head of C-3LegO. Sidekick Guy rushes forward, eager to grab the treasure, but Solo Brick Jones stops him, wary of traps. To prove his point, Solo Brick Jones purposely triggers a pressure plate, which sets off an arrow. Solo Brick Jones carefully moves forward, avoiding pressure plates, until he finally reaches the head. He uses a stone to offset the weight of the head, but it doesn't work at the temple begins to collapse.

Solo Brick Jones runs down the passageway, avoiding flying arrows and a giant rolling ball. The giant ball squishes Sidekick Guy and bowls over a set of heads on spikes. Solo Brick Jones exits the temple and takes of his fedora, revealing himself to be Han Solo. He puts the head back on C-3LegO and with Chewbacca in tow, they fly off in the Millennium Falcon.[1]

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