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The Rescue is a 2001 parody brickfilm by Jason Allemann and Deane VanLuven. It follows the story of Solo Brick Jones as he attempts to steal the treasured head of C-3LegO. It is a humorous retelling of the iconic opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark and uses the actual audio from the film.[1] The Rescue won the Conference Attendee Winner award at BricksWest 2002's Animation Competition.[2] Though popular at the time, it received its widest spread popularity later via an unauthorized reupload on YouTube in 2006 under the title "lego indiana jones", which has over 10 million views.[3]


Solo Brick Jones and Sidekick Guy enter an ancient temple. In the main chamber rests the golden head of C-3LegO. Sidekick Guy rushes forward, eager to grab the treasure, but Solo Brick Jones stops him, wary of traps. To prove his point, Solo Brick Jones purposely triggers a pressure plate, which sets off an arrow. Solo Brick Jones carefully moves forward, avoiding pressure plates, until he finally reaches the head. He uses a stone to offset the weight of the head, but it doesn't work, and the temple begins to collapse.

Solo Brick Jones runs down the passageway, avoiding flying arrows and a giant rolling ball. The giant ball squishes Sidekick Guy and bowls over a set of heads on spikes. Solo Brick Jones exits the temple and takes off his fedora, revealing himself to be Han Solo. He puts the head back on C-3LegO and with Chewbacca in tow, they fly off in the Millennium Falcon.[1]