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The Quiz is a 2015 comedy brickfilm by Garry Moore and Gregory Moore. It views strange things happening out the window from the viewpoint of someone taking a quiz in school. This film was entered in Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2015, ultimately winning first place.[1]


In school, a teacher hands out quiz papers to students, telling them that they have five minutes to complete the quiz. Not long after the teacher sits down, one boy glances out the window and sees a cat on a wall outside. He attempts to focus on his quiz, but it distracted again when a dog walks into his view as well. The cat draws his gun and holds up the dog. Suddenly, the teacher tells the class that only three minutes are left to take the quiz. The boy attempts to work on the quiz, but instead watches the frightened dog hand all his money to the armed cat. Before long, a man with an ice cream cart is seen out the window. He shares some ice cream with the dog. Inside, the teacher announces that there is only one minute left to complete the quiz. Unfortunately, the boy is too distracted and once again looks out the window. He watches as two other dogs come up behind the ice cream man, stealing his ice cream cart. Once the man has finished feeding the robbed dog ice cream, he turns around to realize that his ice cream cart has been stolen! The man runs around in panic, but pauses in front of the window. Suddenly, the boy sees an alien come up from behind the wall and the ice cream man float away, being abducted by the alien's unseen spaceship.

Suddenly, the time allotted for the quiz has ended. The boy realizes that he has not completed the quiz, so he asks the teacher for more time. After the teacher asks why, the boy explains the fantastic things he just saw out the window. The teacher and the classmates just look at him with amazement.

Later, in the hallway, the teacher is speaking with another teacher, explaining that she gave the boy more time because "sometimes an excuse is just so phenomenally stupid that you feel bad for the kid." However, the cat with the gun approaches them in the hallway, demanding all of their money.[2]