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The Quick Short Advertising Contest was a brickfilming competition run by Leonardo Escobar on the Bricks in Motion forums in 2009. The aim of the contest was to produce a 30-second brickfilm advertisement for a product, real or fictitious.


The contest was started on February 9, 2009.[1] It was sponsored by the website Moving Bricks, which was a little-used brickfilm directory site started by Escobar in 2007 that listed all submissions without making them go through a review panel and acceptance process.[2] Entries were required to be submitted between the 15th and the 22nd of March. Originally, they were not permitted to be shared before the deadline, but due to requests from entrants, this was changed to allow entries to be shared from the 17th of February.

List of entries:

Film Name Director
Michael Jackson Promotional Ad Brandon Fields
Magik Brick Thomas Fyfe
Stalkers R Us Emma Graham
Handcar David Boddy
Insta-Pube Nick "1Shifty89" Schwaab
Unknown X David "Davidude34" Peters
James Bond - Weapons of Destruction Sean Willets and Tom Gudde
Bigger Harder Dick Pills X Vik V.
Dresser-Bot Timothy Ratner
Unknown X David "Davidude34" Peters
Space Guys! Jon Rolph
iWatch Riley Gray
Spacemen Trailer X Riley Gray
Green: A better Color for better building Dave Pickett

Judging and prizes[]

The entries were judged in the categories of Entertainment Value, Product Promotion and Technical Quality. The judging panel consisted of people from outside the brickfilming community.

Two prizes were offered, one for the first place winner and also a bonus prize to be awarded to another entry of Escobar's choosing. The first place prize was a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 and the bonus prize was 8401 LEGO City Minifigure Collection.


  1. James Bond - Weapons of Destruction by Sean Willets and Tom Gudde
  2. Handcar by David Boddy
  3. Green: A better Color for better building by Dave Pickett

The bonus prize winner was Stalkers R Us by Emma Graham.[3]