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The Quest for the Torc Alliah is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Daragh Twomey. It follows a man's pursuit of a valuable piece of Celtic jewellery, the Torc Alliah.[1] It was created for The Quest for '____' Contest and won first place.[2][3] A sequel, The Revenge of the Torc Alliah, was in production but never completed.[4]


Rick tells Peter about his research of the Torc Alliah, a torc always worn into battle by Queen Méabh of Connacht. Though it is mythical, local museums offer €100,000 to whoever can find it. The phone rings and Rick is told that his credit card has expired, so he goes out headed for the bank.

On the way, Rick notices something in a bin. He pulls out the Torc Alliah and exclaims that he will be rich. A thief grabs the torc from his hand and runs. The thief is hit by a car and the torc is sent flying, landing at the foot of a child. Rick tackles the child to retrieve it, but is then taken into custody.

In jail, Rick is allowed one phone call. He calls Peter and tells him to come down to the police station with €10,000. Peter uses all their money to bail Rick out, but then shows Rick that he found the Torc Alliah. A cyclist knocks the torc out of Rick's hand and it lands on the road, where it is crushed by a car.[1]


References in other brickfilms[]

In Benny n' Lee in: Time Tanning (2009) by Seán Willis and Brian Willis, there is a scene in which a round 1x1 silver plate is pursued. Rick from The Quest for the Torc Alliah appears and mistakes the item for the Torc Alliah. Storr reprised his role as Rick for this cameo.