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The Quest for the Blood Diamond II is a 2008 adventure brickfilm by Stijn Heirstrate. It is the sequel to The Quest for the Blood Diamond from earlier in 2008, and it picks up directly from where that film leaves off.[1] After having uncovered the blood diamond and unleashing its guardian mummy, Jack Bullet and Elia Sont are fleeing through the desert when they encounter a mysterious stranger with intriguing information.[2] The series was intended to be a trilogy, but the third and final part was never completed.[3][4]


Jack Bullet and Elia Sont flee through the desert until they feel safe in the knowledge that they have lost the mummy who was guarding the blood diamond. They decide they must return to the temple for the car and for Professor Shnitshel's body.

Meanwhile outside the temple, Tyro, the assistant of the villainous Professor Voet, awakes and finds the blood diamond. He is then chased away by the mummy. At some point in the desert, Jack and Elia find Voet and Tyro's car. Suddenly, an unfamiliar man arrives and tells them he is here to prevent a catastrophic event in order to save the world. The stranger reveals he is Jack from the future, and that the blood diamond grants its holder dark powers. A gunshot is heard nearby, as Voet locates Tyro and kills him before taking the diamond. Future Jack plans to kill Voet to prevent him taking over the world. When Voet heads towards his car, a gunfight breaks out, but Future Jack is shot. Voet flees when he sees a truck of Germans approaching. Jack doesn't want to tell the Germans what he knows, but they threaten to kill Elia so he gives it up. One German stays with Jack while the other goes after Voet and takes Elia, planning to kill her if Jack is lying.

Jack is told that the Germans paid Voet to find the blood diamond and was supposed to hand it over but did not arrive. The body of Future Jack suddenly disappears, distracting the German. Jack takes the opportunity to break free and knocks out the German before getting in the nearby car to pursue Elia. Voet is resting due to a gunshot wound when he is found by the German and Elia. Voet rolls the blood diamond across, but then takes out a gun and shoots the German. The blood diamond lands at Elia's feet. Jack arrives and Voet orders him to throw down his gun, threatening to kill Elia. He demands Elia give him the diamond, but she refuses as she wishes to keep it out of his possession to save the world. Jack pleas with her to hand it over, but she remains steadfast, and Voet shoots her. Distraught, Jack dives for his gun and shoots Voet. He decides to bury the diamond in a remote location in the desert so that it may never cause trouble.

10 years later, Jack writes in his diary about that day. He recalls how when he returned to the car, Voet's body was mysteriously missing. Jack has become a scientist and is working on a time device just in case, but plans to never use it. He has read about the blood diamond, discovering that it can grant immortality. He wonders if Voet harnessed this power while he had the diamond. He hopes Voet may never find the diamond hidden deep in the desert.[2]


  • Jason Boyle as Jack Bullet
  • Emily "Sparks Flying" Boyle as Elia Sont
  • Christoph "crisscross" Daube as German 1
  • Jürgen Daube as German 2
  • Kovi Henenberg
  • Mike "Traditional Brickfilms" Ellerbrock as Professor Voet, Tyro