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The Quest for the Blood Diamond is a 2008 adventure brickfilm by Stijn Heirstrate. It is about a group of adventurers who follow a long-lost map in search of an ancient treasure.[1] It was created for The Quest for '____' Contest, in which it won second place.[2][3] It was followed by The Quest for the Blood Diamond II later in 2008. A Director's Cut was released in 2009, which replaced the opening exposition scene with a text crawl, added unused shots and added a newly filmed shot, among other technical changes.[4]


In 1906, archaeologist Professor Shnitshel and a crew discovered the pyramid of pharaoh Legonchenmon, buried with his belongings. Illustrations of the pharaoh showed him with a red diamond, named as the Blood Diamond, but this was not found as it was hidden in a secret temple guarded by a mummy. 30 years later, Shnitshel has found the long lost map to the temple, and has taken Jack Bullet and Elia Sont on an expedition in the desert to reach the location.

The trio arrive at the temple, but they are being observed from afar by two men, Voet and Tyro. Voet says they will kill the trio when they come outside with the diamond. In the temple, Shnitshel reads an inscription on the wall that says to get the Blood Diamond, you must obtain the key which is located within you and the diamond, and that there is a price to pay if the diamond leaves the temple. Confused over the key, the trio decide to go outside to set up camp. They are held up by Voet and Tyro, and Shnitshel recognizes Voet from his old crew. Shnitshel tries to attack Voet, but Voet shoots him.

Upon learning they don't have the diamond, Voet goes to search the temple while Tyro keeps the trio captive outside. When Tyro is scared by a scorpion, Jack knocks him out and goes in after Voet. Elia stays outside with the dying Shnitshel. Voet aims at Jack but Jack pushes him and Voet manages to shoot himself. Blood spills on a sarcophagus, and outside, the Blood Diamond falls out of a wall and into Shnitshel's grasp. Jack comes back outside in time to see Shnitshel die after finally acquiring the Blood Diamond. Elia remembers the warning about if the diamond were to leave the temple, and a mummy is then seen emerging from inside. Jack and Elia run.[1]


  • Jason Boyle as Jack Bullet
  • Emily "Sparks Flying" Boyle as Elia Sont
  • Stijn Heirstrate as Professor Shnitshel
  • Mike "Traditional Brickfilms" Ellerbrock as Professor Voet, Tyro