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The Quest for '____' Contest was a brickfilming competition run by Steve Collins between 2007 and 2008 on the forums. The aim of the contest was for entrants to create a brickfilm about characters questing after any item of the director's choosing.


The fireplace offered for second place

The contest was announced by Steve Collins on November 9, 2007. The idea was for filmers to fill in the blank of "The Quest for '____'", and create a film following a quest for the chosen item. Prizes were announced later, and were LEGO set 9247 Community Workers for first place, a custom fireplace build for second place, and 7246 Mini Digger for third place. The minimum film length was 30 seconds and the deadline was March 1, 2008, which was an extension over a previous deadline. The contest gained assistance from Saul Goode, the Minister of Film Contests at the time, and he offered a DVD to be provided along with each prize.[1] Collins would later go on to succeed Goode as Minister of Film Contests.

The results were chosen via viewer-submitted ballots that ranked top threes in the categories Animation, Story, Sound Design, and Cinematography. The deadline for ballot submission was March 10. Accepted ballots were received from Daragh Twomey, Thomas Missault, Stijn Heirstrate, "NewRight", Jamie "Ogel productions" Mackinnon, Filip Bergström, Alex Chaplen, "Minivini", "Dr.Blank", Andrew Munzer, Seán Willis, Bert Loos, Scott Jenner, "Shrankenhiemer", "LegoMasterProductions", Dustin Finstrom, Richard Van De Steenoven, Dennis "deathdog" Price, Thijs van Brunschot, Tommy "Skull brick" Dreyer, and Jeremy Wisoff.[2]


  1. The Quest for the Torc Alliah by Daragh Twomey
  2. The Quest for the Blood Diamond by Stijn Heirstrate
  3. The Quest for the Camera by Menachem "maronislego" Aron
  4. Benny n' Lee in: Teh Quest for Pants! by Seán Willis and Brian Willis
  5. The Quest for Space by Dennis "deathdog" Price
  6. Tha' Quest for tha' Missprinted Hitpoint Counter Thing by Filip Bergström
  7. The Quest for a Computer X by Chance Wen