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The Pinchbot Invasion is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Dave Pickett. It follows Sherry and Phil reporting on a robot invasion of Figuria and their own first-hand encounter.[1] It is the first part of Nightly News at Nine Chapter 2 - Robots!, and takes place the day after the events of Chapter 1 occurred.[2] Portions of the film were filmed at BrickCon in Seattle.


The Nightly News at Nine begins, and Sherry and Phil introduce the top story that space robots have invaded Figuria. Robert Vylan interrupts to ask why they are no longer reporting on Malifios, and Sherry explains that Malifios is already yesterday's old news. Sherry reports that tiny Pinchbots landed all across Figuria and traveled in swarms, pinching things. Phil adds that due to the robots small size, most of them were destroyed by children and dogs.

Sherry changes the subject to report on her and Phil's dining experience at the gourmet restaurant Les Briques Tres Chic. The subject eventually returns to the robot invasion when Phil mentions that on their way home, they encountered a traffic jam caused by Pinchbots. They explain the methods they found effective for disabling Pinchbots, and Phil questions the Pinchbots' origin and motive. Sherry announces that after the commercial break, they will go to Report-O-Bot-Ophelia for an interview with the Pinchbot leader.[1]


  • Stephanie Rivera as Sherry Tiles
  • Eric Benson as Phil Brickley
  • Dave Pickett as Malifios/Robert Vylan


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