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The Pilgrims' Turkey is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Jason Boyle.[1] It is the first film to follow the Pilgrim, Derwin, and it is about Derwin looking for a turkey for the first Thanksgiving feast.[2] It was followed by The Pilgrim's In-Laws in 2007.


The native Squanto is preparing for a feast, and asks the Pilgrim girl Helen if she has a turkey, a bird large enough to feed the whole group. She is unfamiliar with turkeys, and sends her Pilgrim boyfriend, Derwin, out in search of one.

Derwin searches in the woods for a turkey. He encounters multiple animals and asks if they are turkeys, but they all rudely dismiss him. When sitting for a rest, a large bird arrives next to him. He asks if it is a turkey, and it replies that it is and asks if it can assist him. Derwin doesn't want to shoot the turkey as it is the only animal that has been nice to him, but the turkey has an idea.

Derwin returns with a bag of "Pilgrims' turkey". The first ever Thanksgiving feast begins, and Squanto mentions that the turkey tastes like fish. He asks Derwin for the feathers to make a headdress with, and Derwin says he did not save the feathers but does have the teeth. Squanto is surprised, thinking turkeys don't have teeth. The turkey Derwin encountered stands among a pile of shark skeletons.[2]



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