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The Pilgrim is a series of brickfilms created by Jason Boyle. It follows the misadventures of a Pilgrim, Derwin, as he finds himself in a dilemma each Thanksgiving. It stars Jason Boyle as Derwin as well as Derwin's native friend Squanto, Emily "Sparks Flying" Boyle as Derwin's partner Helen, and Colin Boyle as a friendly turkey. The films in the series were usually released for the occasion of Thanksgiving. The final film in the series, the 25-minute The Pilgrim's Son, is particularly well regarded.[1][2][3]


The Pilgrims' Turkey (2006)[]

Derwin is tasked with retrieving a turkey for the first Thanksgiving feast, but is unsure what this animal looks like.

The Pilgrim's In-Laws (2007)[]

Derwin will be meeting Helen's parents for the first time, when they visit for the second Thanksgiving. In a bid to impress Helen's father, Derwin goes out to find cranberries for cranberry sauce.

The Pilgrim's Wedding (2008)[]

On the day Derwin and Helen are due to married, Derwin misplaces the wedding ring. He heads to the woods to go look for it, as the time of the wedding looms closer.

The Pilgrim's Christmas (2008)[]

Derwin is looking forward to having a quiet Christmas meal, but Helen has a surprise to tell him.

The Pilgrim's Son (2010)[]

Derwin and Helen have had a son, who is now five years old. The spiritualist of the nearby native tribe foresaw doom upon the land unless the boy was sacrificed to appease the spirit of a mighty storm, and a follower of the spiritualist goes looking for the boy. Derwin and his son are sent out by Helen to retrieve red bass for the feast.


The Pilgrim series
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