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The Pilgrim's Wedding is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Jason Boyle.[1] It follows the day of Derwin and Helen's wedding, when Derwin has lost the wedding ring and must find it in time.[2] It is the third film in The Pilgrim series.


It is Thanksgiving, which is also the day on which Helen and Derwin are due to be married. Helen sends Squanto to ask Derwin if he is prepared, and Derwin checks to see if he has everything. Derwin cannot find the wedding ring, realizing there is a hole in his pocket and that the ring must have fallen out while he was walking through the woods earlier. He goes to the woods to retrace his steps.

Derwin is found by the turkey, and explains his predicament. The turkey suggests Derwin visit the nearby raven, who collects lost things. The turkey takes Derwin to the raven, and the raven says he has the ring but requests all of the apple pies from the village bakery in return for it. Derwin heads to the bakery, but Madam Fins says the pies are all for the feast. The turkey creates a distraction and Derwin tries to steal a pie, but Madam Fins notices and chases them around. She finds her musket and shoots, blowing up an oven and the building. Derwin grabs a pie and flees.

The raven is not satisfied with only one pie. Derwin hurls the pie at him and looks through the items for the ring. The raven confesses that he never had the ring, and just wanted pies. Derwin thinks he will have ruined the day for Helen, but the turkey realizes what it is Derwin is looking for. The turkey takes out the ring, saying he found it in the woods earlier. Derwin hurries to get to the wedding on time. At the church, Helen's mother fears Derwin will be late, but Derwin arrives just in time. Helen and Derwin are wed, and a great feast commences.[2]



  • Jason Boyle - "The Pilgrim's Song", "Derwin's Theme", "The Forest", "The Raven", "Bridal Chorus"
  • Emily Boyle - "Playful TipToes", "The Ring", "Unfocused", "Somber Tune", "Keeps Me Coming Home (Instrumental)", "Bridal Chorus"


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