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Derwin and Miles get lost while out fishing
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Released November 25, 2010
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
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Language English
Part of the The Pilgrim series
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The Pilgrim's Son is a 2010 comedy adventure brickfilm by Jason Boyle. It is the fifth and final film in The Pilgrim series, taking place five years after the previous film.[1] It follows Derwin and his five-year-old son Miles, as Miles is being pursued to be sacrificed to satisfy a prophecy.[2] It is the longest film by Boyle, and he thought of it as the greatest he had ever made.[3]

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Jason Boyle as Derwin, Tisquantum "Squanto", Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, Miles, Hobomok, Powanit, Massasoit, Colonial man, Colonial woman
  • Emily Boyle as Helen, Rachelle Fins
  • Colin Boyle as The turkey, The raven, The rat, The raccoon, The scorpion, The owl, The shark
  • Stijn Heirstrate as The priest

Crew Edit

  • Jason Boyle - Writer, Director, Animator, "Derwin's Theme" music
  • Emily Boyle - "Piano Score" music

References Edit

The Pilgrim series
The Pilgrims' Turkey (2006) · The Pilgrim's In-Laws (2007) · The Pilgrim's Wedding (2008) · The Pilgrim's Christmas (2008) · The Pilgrim's Son (2010)
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