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The Pilgrim's In-Laws is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Jason Boyle.[1] It is the second film to follow the Pilgrim, Derwin, and is about Derwin preparing to impress his future in-laws, who he will be meeting for the first time on the occasion of the second ever Thanksgiving feast.[2]


On the first anniversary of the Thanksgiving feast, Derwin is anxious about meeting his fiancée Helen's parents for the first time, as they are due to arrive for the second Thanksgiving. Derwin is afraid that they will disapprove of him based on what he has heard about them, but Helen insists that it doesn't matter. She adds that if Derwin wishes to impress her father, he should provide cranberry sauce. She asks Squanto to fetch cranberries, but he fears going to "The Forbidden Valley of the Savage" where they grow. Helen sends Derwin instead.

When in the woods, Derwin is scared by rustling in a bush, but it turns out to just be a friendly turkey. A huge wolf finds them and they flee. Back at the settlement, Helen's parents arrive, and Helen tells Squanto to keep them distracted. Deep in the woods, Derwin is worried that Helen's parents will have arrived by now and will hate him if he doesn't return soon with cranberries. The turkey thinks he shouldn't care so much, and also points out that they are in front of a cranberry bush. Derwin fill up his bag, but the wolf then finds him again, and he and the turkey flee.

Derwin bursts into the settlement. Helen's parents are initially disapproving, but Derwin tells them he doesn't care, which pleases Helen. Helen's mother is angry, but the father interrupts as he wants to eat, having heard they have cranberry sauce. During the feast, the wolf barges in, and accepts a seat at the table.[2]


  • Jason Boyle as Derwin, Squanto, Helen's mother, Helen's father
  • Emily Boyle as Helen
  • Colin Boyle as The turkey, The wolf


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