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The Pilgrim's Christmas is a 2008 Christmas brickfilm by Jason Boyle.[1] It follows Helen and Derwin at Christmas, as Helen has a surprise to tell Derwin.[2] It is the fourth film in The Pilgrim series, and the only one not released for the occasion of Thanksgiving.


At Christmas time, Squanto arrives to Derwin and Helen's house, to remind them that they are invited over for boar tomorrow. Squanto leaves, back out into the snow. Derwin remarks that it is nice that it will just be Helen and himself dining that night, without parents or animals, or the need for an elaborate feast.

Helen wants to tell Derwin a surprise, but Derwin says that through evidence and hints, he has already deduced that Helen is pregnant. Helen goes quiet, before reminding him that she told him she is pregnant three weeks prior. She announces that her parents are coming over for Christmas dinner tonight, and Derwin[2] becomes flustered as none of the preparations have been made for a proper feast.



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