The Peril of Doc Ock
Spider-Man and Doc Ock fight
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Released July 2, 2004
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  • Sony Pictures
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The Peril of Doc Ock, also known as Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock, is a 2004 action brickfilm by Tony Mines and Tim Drage of Spite Your Face Productions.[1] It was produced for The LEGO Group and Sony Pictures to promote the 2004 Spider-Man 2 movie and line of LEGO Spider-Man 2 toys.[2][3]

Plot Edit

Peter Parker is leaving the Daily Bugle when a bunch of people run past. Doc Ock is on the loose and throwing cars, elephants and Duplo blocks everywhere. Spider-Man is here! Doc Ock follows Spider-Man up the Daily Bugle building, where Jonah J. Jameson sees them fight. Doc Ock falls onto a subway car and tosses out the conductor, who lands in water. Spider-Man and Doc Ock fight, then Doc Ock separates the front subway car, stranding Mary Jane and Aunt May in the runaway car. Spider-Man jumps onto the runaway car and fights Doc Ock until the subway car meets a dead end and crashes into a warehouse at the docks. Mary Jane and Aunt May land safely in a spider web, and Spider-Man and Doc Ock continue to fight. Eventually Doc Ock slips and falls into the water, where his robotic arms short out. Spider-Man fishes out Doc Ock and saves the day.[4]

Alternate Ending Edit

A second version of the film was produced with an alternate ending, which takes place after the subway car crashes through the dead end. The subway car lands on a dock, riding along it and smashing the dock to pieces until the subway car crashes into a warehouse. Spider-Man, Aunt May and Mary Jane look around the creepy warehouse, and Doc Ock bursts through the floor. Spider-Man uses his web-slinging skills to tie Doc Ock to a pillar. Doc Ock finally breaks free and runs into an electrical box, frying his arms. His arms turn on him, smack him in the face, and then do a silly dance. Doc Ock's arms, with Doc Ock attached, dance their way out to a line of police cars and get into a police van.[5][6]

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References Edit

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