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The Pepperonis is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Philip Heinrich. It follows the story of the Pepperoni family and their pizza restaurant.[1] It is a parody of the 1972 film The Godfather. It was an entry into the third Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and ultimately placed second.[2]


In the Pepperoni pizzeria, Michael Pepperoni talks with Don Stromboli. He is unhappy his sister married a rival family. Michael attempts to set up a working relationship with Stromboli, but Stromboli politely refuses. Michael assures Stromboli that all he wants is no more attempts on his father's cooking. Stromboli says he can't give any guarantees, pointing out that his own pizzeria was ruined by the Pepperonis. Michael, embarrassed, leaves to go to the bathroom.

Soon Michael returns, surprising Stromboli with a gun that actually turns out to be the toilet handle. Stromboli leaves in a haste. Constance Pepperoni enters, upset that Michael cut off her husband's supply of yeast. Katy Pepperoni enters as well, asking Michael if it's true. Michael doesn't respond for a very long time, finally admitting "Yes."


  • Philip Heinrich as Michael Pepperoni, Don Veal Pepperoni
  • Lucas Heinrich as Don Stromboli
  • Larissa Heinrich as Katy Pepperoni, Constance Pepperoni