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The Package III - Deadfire is a 2012 action brickfilm directed by Sam Richardson and written and produced by Jonathan Cooke. It follows the criminals Lucas and Mike as they join forces with a government group in order to take out a terrorist organization known as The Smiths, who use rigged packages in attempts to assassinate key political figures.[1] It is a feature length brickfilm. It is the third and final film in The Package series, following The Package II - Redherring from 2010.[2]




The package iii deadfire poster by antwhitebrand-d4v4gps

An alternate poster by Anthony White

  • Sam Richardson - Director, Editor, Animator
  • Jonathan Cooke - Writer, Producer, Assistant animator
  • Gareth Pugh - Visual effects supervisor
  • Anthony White - Graphic design
  • Steve Cleary - Sears Tower model
  • Joshua Clements - Music
  • Rhys Thomas - Music
  • Jamie Cooke - Music
  • Dan Hibbert - Assistant animator
  • Funmi Adetola - Special thanks
  • Viktor "Troodon" Shelelo - Special thanks
  • Joseph DeRose - Special thanks

Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2012 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Brickfilm Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Voice Acting Nominated


The Package series
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