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The Orange-Green War Continues is a 2013 comedy brickfilm by Dave Pickett. It is the seventh and final part of Nightly News at Nine Chapter 2 - Robots!,[1] and it is about weatherdragon Zundar Silverspine reporting an update on the war that broke out between the colors green and orange the previous day.[2] It is the latest release in the Nightly News at Nine series.


Zundar Silverspine, assisted by Leggsly the Legshark, begins his weather forecast and provides an update on the war between the colors green and orange. While he prepares a demonstration, he asks The Eye of Eyes to play a montage. The Eye of Eyes narrates footage of scenarios such as green-eyed Pinchbots becoming distracted by and hostile towards a small patch orange on clothing.

Zundar has brought Leggsly to a pumpkin patch to demonstrate the effects of wearing clothing during a color war. He shows that Legsharks will eat anything in the shape of their favorite food, head melons, except for pumpkins which they are allergic to. However, when he puts a green hat on Leggsly, Leggsly is overcome by the urge to destroy the orange pumpkins. This display gets the better of the green Zundar, and he too joins in destroying everything orange he can find.

Back at the newsroom, Phil and Sherry wrap up the Nightly News at Nine for the day.[2]


  • Eric Benson as Phil Brickley
  • David M Pickett as Zundar Silverspine, Leggsly Von Sharkerton
  • Eleanor Rivera as Sherry Tiles
  • Tiffany Salone as Eye of Eyes


  • David M Pickett - Animator
  • Stuart Marsh - Animator
  • Laura Moore - Animator
  • Andrew Rogers, Greg Dalesandre, Jamesh, Chuck Butler, Tom, Jim Hardison - Special thanks
    ($100 level Kickstarter backers with minifig cameos)


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