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The Orange-Green War Begins is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Dave Pickett.[1] It is the seventh and final part of Nightly News at Nine Chapter 1 - New Beginnings[2][3] and follows a weather report by Zundar Silverspine, explaining the rivalry between the colors green and orange that was hinted towards in Pro-Green Commercial and Anti-Green Commercial.


The Nightly News at Nine's weatherdragon Zundar Silverspine begins the weather report. In the land of Figuria, weather is caused by colors, and Zundar reports that the weather has been terrible due to a rivalry between green and orange, leading to such events as flames engulfing forests and tigerbirds fleeing acid rain. He explains that the rivalry is a result of the Figurian Tommy Turntable changing his favorite color from green to orange that morning, which angered green and led to an orange-destroying rampage.

Malifios, in disguise as sportscaster Robert Vylan, interrupts the report to complain that the day's episode is supposed to be all about Malifios' prison breakout and plan to destroy New Block City. Zundar feels that the possible destruction of one city is relatively insignificant in comparison to the orange-green war, which has leveled at least a dozen cities in one day. The time slot for the weather ends and Zundar leaves. Back in the newsroom, Phil and Sherry wrap up the day's news report by showing their most exciting vacation slides.[1]


  • Dave Pickett as Zundar Silverspine, Malifios/Robert Vylan
  • Eric Benson as Phil Brickley
  • Stephanie Rivera as Sherry Tiles


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