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Henri & Edmond in: The New Neighbour (French: Henri & Edmond dans: Le Nouveau Voisin) is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Maxime Marion. It follows the story of a new Russian neighbour of Henri and Edmond's who invites the pair to his housewarming party, but is suspected by Henri to be an escaped cannibalistic mental patient he has heard of on the news.[1] It is the first film in the Henri & Edmond series and was also the first brickfilm released by Maxime Marion.[2][3]


Two residents of the town of Bricksheim, Henri and Edmond, encounter each other on the street during the day. Henri is not in work as he is looking for his missing cat, and Edmond has also skipped work. They decide to go meet a new neighbour and also ask if he has seen Henri's cat. At his house, the new neighbour introduces himself as Vladimir and tells the pair he is from Russia. He wishes to have a housewarming party but does not know anyone in the area, so invites Henri and Edmond, though Henri is hesitant to agree.

As they walk away, Henri explains that he had seen a news report on a Russian man who had escaped from a mental home and was said to be a cannibal and extremely dangerous. Edmond thinks Vladimir seems too nice to be a cannibal, but Henri is suspicious of the quiet housewarming and decides not to go. Henri is greeted by a woman passing on a bike but is attracted to her and stutters before he can ask her name, and so continues to look for his cat. Later, Henri begins to worry about the safety of Edmond, and decides to go to Vladimir's house after all to make sure his friend is alright.

Henri enters Vladimir's house and smells a stew cooking, which Vladimir tells him not to touch. Henri examines the stew and is shocked to find a cat's hair, so he accuses Vladimir of killing and cooking his cat. Vladimir admits to the killing and reveals that he wants Henri and Edmond for the main course, as he produces an axe to throw at them (but misses). Edmond admits that Henri was right and the duo run from Vladimir, who chases them with a knife. Vladimir gets them both cornered and is about to kill them, but is suddenly shot. Henri looks to see the girl who was on the bike, and she identifies herself as Clara Sterling of the FBI. She explains that they have been investigating Vladimir for months and that she caught him just in time. Henri invites Clara to his house to eat and she agrees, and outside, Edmond explains that there is no moral to the story.[1]


  • Hervé Bonafos as Henri
  • Jean-Marie Pexeto as Edmond
  • Lilian Ginet as Vladimir
  • Fanny Villermaux as Clara Sterling
  • Alexadre Solt as additional characters


  • Maxime Marion - Director, Animator, Set Design, Effects
  • Jean-René Helbert - Assistant Director, Animator, Set Design, Effects
  • Quentin Billard - Composer
  • Camille Schuhler - Translator
  • Alain Lehmann, Loïc Desjardins, Miles Davidson, Guillaume Machu, Valerie Tacheau - Special Thanks


The New Neighbour received one award in the 2008 BiMAs and was also nominated for five others.[4] The nomination for Best Vocal Performance went to Lilian Ginet for his performance as Vladimir.[5]

Year Competition Category Result
2008 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Sound Design Won
Best Original Score Nominated
Best Vocal Performace Nominated
Best Ensemble Cast Nominated


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