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The Neighbor is a 2006 religious brickfilm directed by Judah Frank. It is about a man whose neighbor attempts to show him the way of Christianity.[1] It was an entry to the 2006 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF), and it was a semi-finalist in the special category Stop Motion Animation.[2] The other semi-finalists in this category, Winston Churchill: Escape from Pretoria by Sam Lawlace and Wars of Humanity II: Price of Rebellion by ShatterPoint Entertainment, were both also brickfilms.


Two neighbors, Harry and Bill, meet outside their houses. Harry asks Bill to come over and watch a ball game, but Bill tells him that he always goes to church on Sunday. Harry encourages Bill to skip church, but Bill refuses and invites Harry to church instead. Harry becomes annoyed, saying he doesn't have time for religion. Bill returns home and tells his wife, Susan, about what happened. The couple then drive to church.

At church, Bill decides to pick out a tract to give to Harry. He returns home and heads over to Harry's house to give him a copy of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Harry heads inside and throws the tract on his table, thinking he won't read it. He is eventually compelled to give it a look, and reads its harsh warnings about sinners being destined for Hell. Bill arrives over and again invites Harry to church, but Harry declines and requests that Bill not ask him again. He heads to bed where he continues reading the tract.

As he tries to sleep, Harry is tormented by the thought of the warnings he has just read. He gets up and decides to go for a drive to try to think. He drives too fast and swerves to avoid another vehicle before hitting a tree. Bill receives a call from the hospital as he and Susan are Harry's closest friends, and so they head over. Harry explains that he read the tract, which scared him. He feels that if he had been killed, he would now be in Hell. He asks Bill how to become a Christian, and Bill tells him to ask God for forgiveness. Harry begins to go to church with Bill and Susan.[1]