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The Museum is a 2004 fantasy brickfilm by Jonathan Williams.[1] It is about exhibits in a museum coming to life once the museum closes.[2] It was an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest on and won 'The Sisters Award' for most promising young director. It placed seventh in the overall results.[3]


At the Oakville Museum,[4] visitors see many historical displays, including western, Egyptian, and dinosaur exhibits, while a janitor is at work applying oil to a suit of armor. One of the visitors walks past a skull in a glass case, and it turns to look at him. The janitor decides to sneak into the dinosaur exhibit to find a place to hide and get some sleep. It is announced that the museum is closing, and all of the visitors leave.

The janitor finds himself alone in the museum, sees the displays begin to come to life. He runs from a dinosaur, and a cowboy shoots a cannonball in his direction, which hits the glass case and frees the skull. The dinosaur eats the cowboy, but another villain begins to come for the janitor, who runs to hide. The janitor then encounters the living suit of armor, which blocks his path. He grabs a nearby sword and battles the suit of armor, defeating it. The janitor can't get through a large door, and the villain finds him and puts him in a cannon before firing him through the door.

The janitor wakes up in the dinosaur exhibit, having been dreaming. He looks around the museum, seeing that nothing has moved. However, as he leaves through the door, the skull follows behind him.[2]


  • Jonathan Williams - Animator, Producer, Editor, Voice actor
  • "Mathew" - Digital effects, CGI animation
  • Tom Williams - Voice actor


The Museum entered production in summer 2003,[5] before the A Peculiar Event Contest was announced. Filming began with the LEGO Studios camera, and after about a minute and a half had been filmed, the camera was replaced with a Sony Handycam, leading to a noticable change in picture quality.

Jonathan Williams' brother, David "Mellow" Williams, directed a film about the sentient skull from The Museum after it escapes called The Adventures of Murray, and this was also an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest.