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The Most Pointless Adventure Ever is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Rick Theroux. It follows three friends who follow a mysterious map to see what they find.[1] It was an entry to the Nicktoons and LEGO Built By Me Movie Contest, and was one of two 17 and Under Second Place Prize winners, along with Bohrok Attack! by Wilson and Harrison Allen.[2] As a result, it became available to view on Comcast On Demand. It was followed by Pointless Adventure 2: Space Adventure in 2009.


Two friends are playing a video game, but are feeling bored. Just then, their friend Angela crashes through the window and excitedly announces that she has found a map to something unknown. The three of them head to a store to get supplies, and spend $100. Two weeks later, they are in the woods, lost. One of them realizes they have been reading the map wrong, and they head far back the other way. They eventually reach an abandoned gold mine, and inside they find chests full of treasures. When they bring it back home, they have it all evaluated, and it is estimated to be worth about $17 total. Angela tries to justify the adventure by saying they had fun, but one of the friends is annoyed that he spent $100 for this.[1]


  • Rick Theroux - Director, Voices
  • Stephen Vermilyea - Music, Voices
  • Angela Guarino - Voices
  • Sal Sassano - Sound effects, Voices


Pointless Adventure series
The Most Pointless Adventure Ever (2008) · Pointless Adventure 2: Space Adventure (2009) · Pointless Adventure 3: Zombie Apocalypse (2009)